Our research group is unique in the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University in our emphasis on fostering science and technology studies, a focus on ecology and environment, our interest in scale and networks, and finally, our commitment to futurity and imagination as critical to design, art, and scholarship.

This cluster of artists, designers and scholars presents a rare opportunity to develop the systemic study and creation of emerging technologies with a focus on social justice, difference, and imagination. We engage with multiple  technical ecologies, from bio-media to urban planning, in order to foster creative ways to think about the future of the planetary scale transformations currently occurring as a result of human action and technical developments.



 Our cluster explores the changing landscape of the technosphere and trains designers, artists, social scientists, and humanities scholars in new methods and practices that can answer to a series of critical questions:


How does design and technology – in the form of built environments, life science practices and digital networks – produce different futures?


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What are the different political and ethical implications of different conceptions of technology, environment, and (in) security? 


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How do concepts of temporality, environment and life get shaped and in turn shape large-scale high-technology projects at different scales?




How do we imagine a future that will be more plural, diverse, and just than the current modes of resource extraction, extinction, and violence being propagated in the name of security, technical progress, and growth?



Our group aims to create a space where individuals working from molecular biology to large-scale technical, urban, and logistical infrastructures can share ideas and practices, and confront the complexities and challenges of living in a networked planet where the impact of new technologies is often sensed and felt not only locally, but globally.