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PULSE Salon II: Street Smart Urbanism & Performative Approaches to Smartness

PULSE, a Concordia University Research in Performative Urbanism is holding our second Salon, focusing on how researchers from different disciplines and practices come together to diversify and critically imagine the public discussion around Smart cities? What does it mean to invoke the term ‘smart’ in a complex urban context? The intention of this salon is to invite artist-researchers from a range of disciplines and practices to contribute to a ‘performative’ inquiry of the subject of Smart cities, and the sociocultural and spatial implications of emerging ‘smart’ urban technologies. What critical framework can the ‘performative’ bring to the spatial politics and narratives of urban change in the era of Smart cities?

Guest Presenters:

Laura Acosta & Santiago Tavera
Cheryl Gladu
Orit Halpern
Alice Jarry
Nima Navab
Allison Moore

Hosted by the Ethnography Lab @ Concordia University
1515 St. Catherine Street West
EV 10.625
This event is wheelchair accessible.

For more info:

Poster graphic and design by Mira Baba and Eduardo Perez.